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Before the completion of any great event, there is always, at minimum, one issue that must be dealt with in order to have a smooth-running event. Navigating your way through those challenges can only come from previous experience, having seen it before, and the preparation prior to the event so that history does not repeat itself.

With Lori as your event guide, you can know that you are in the capable hands that have years of experience to handle whatever may come your way.  Taking personal pride in each event she manages, Lori is present before, during, and after your event to make certain that everything detail has been taken care of.

Lori has the firm belief that her role as the event planner, is not only to develop a great working plan, but also work diligently until the smallest details are finished, because she knows that a great event lies in the details.  

Yes, Lori takes great joy in providing a great event, but she receives even more joy when seeing the smiling faces of both her guests and the more importantly the client. After all, your event is meant to be a celebration, not just for your guests but for you as well,  so it is important to her that you as the client can arrive, relax and enjoy your event.

Lori Yates

Lori’s passion for planning events began for her after high-school when she started helping her friends with their wedding ceremonies. Experiencing the joy first-hand at each celebration, and knowing that by helping she played a small part in making that joy happen, Lori was hooked and has been planning events ever since.

Today she has planned all sizes of events,  from small gatherings of ten to twenty people, to large dinner banquets, celebrity guests, and catered dinners for thousands.

Regardless of the size or scope of your next event, hiring Lori will be your first step in eliminating the worry and the stress that is typically part of event planning.


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